I have Adrenal Fatigue. Again. It’s like an old annoying family member that you can’t disconnect from.  My health has been up and down, but I started doing really good in October. My hormone replacements had finally kicked in and then it happened. A crazy cluster of crap.  I’ve read so many books that say stress is a choice and to some extent I agree, but sometimes, you don’t choose for life to plode (seemingly a combo of imploding and exploding).  Then a cold that. just. won’t. go. away.  I’m 2 months into it and my adrenals feel STRESSED. My body can’t seem to wake up when my mind does.  So here I am.  Taking 2.5 weeks of doctor ordered rest. No commitments allowed. Taking it moment by moment and really listening to what my body will allow.  So how am I going to manage. Here’s the plan:

  • Rest. Knowing that God is in control and this failing body is in His hands.
  • Meditate. Take in scripture daily and keep it in my thoughts.
  • Stretch.  Use the time to let me body relax and keep pain away.
  • Read.
  • Water. Get to the pool as much as my body will allow.
  • Eat. Only good food.
  • Cut. Caffeine and simple sugars.
  • Laugh. With sweet friends and family.
  • Work. Make priorities of each area of life and then execute when I have energy.
  • Blog. A few people have told me I should blog. I love Jon Acuff’s writing and follow him closely.  One thing he continues to remind his readers is that you aren’t good at the beginning. Just start. That’s how you get good. So, I’m starting again.

Educational tip: If you have Adrenal, thyroid or fibromalgia problems like me, I went back to the advice that got me out the first time.  Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. Wilson, Hypothyroid Mom, The Paleo Mom, and my doc, Dr. Elizabeth Baker.

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